Corporate Finance Advisory

IPO planning : We design and execute IPO plans as financial advisor, also perform the work of facilitator and underwriter for share issuance

  • Conduct company due diligence, analyze & discuss with management about the company’s business, financial status and future prospect; address potential problems and suggest solutions
  • Assist in recruiting necessary professional parties & monitoring their work on restructuring and IPO
  • Work with other appointed professionals to offer legal, regulatory, commercial, financial and strategic advices on restructuring
  • Coordinate with different professional parties to facilitate due diligence & related documentation work as required by authorities
  • Assist in establishing underwriting syndicate and investors search, lead investor relations firm & underwriting syndicate to promote share issuance to investors; advise on share pricing.

Mergers and Acquisitions Advisory : We provide independent and professional advice to both potential buyers and sellers to execute mergers and acquisitions transactions

  • Assist business owners and corporate management to develop and formulate M&A strategies
  • Identify, screen and initiate discussions with potential acquisition targets for companies with ambition to pursue growth
  • Identify and approach potential buyers for owners and/or shareholders who want disposal of their assets and/or business
  • Perform pricing analysis; structure, manage and negotiate transactions
  • Arrange acquisition financing.

Capital Raising Advisory : We assist companies to raise capital from institutional investors, private equity funds, venture capitalists and high net worth individuals

  • Provide advice on how to position and package the company for fund raising
  • Determine the likely types of investors for the companies and assessing potential issues in the fund raising process
  • Analyze financial risks and benefits and offer valuation guidelines
  • Assist in preparation of marketing and transaction documents.